PowerColor AX480A-GF (RADEON XPRESS 200P)

@ 2005/06/20
The PowerColor AX480A-GF motherboard was featuring the RADEON XPRESS 200P
(RX480) Chipset that delivers significant performance gains with variety
of new generation architectures including dual-channel DDR, PCI-Express
interface and Serial-ATA interface for improving storage performance. The
motherboard itself has a lot of built in features such as Gigabit LAN and
RAID function. In terms of performance, this motherboard did a great job
as you can see on the performance benchmarking and testing section.
However, PowerColor AX480A-GF motherboard is still a very good motherboard
for the AMD64 platform in terms of the performance and overclocking. The
MSRP of this motherboard is at around $110 USD which is very affordable
for a AMD64 motherboard.

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