Xtreme Resources "Pimp my case" Contest

@ 2005/06/18
Xtreme Resources and NZXT would like to introduce you to the "Pimp my case" contest. Participants are required to post their heinous looking case with a note denoting the case picture was taken for the purpose of entering the contest as proof of ownership of said case. Stories in the post of why you have a terrible looking case are encouraged and may help the final voting outcome.

Fantastic prizes will be awarded to the winner, including the NZXT Nemesis Elite case and Nemesis Sword plaque along with an NZXT T-shirt, and each will be shipped from NZXT USA or Europe depending on the location of the winner.

Contest will last 2 weeks and the winner will be announced within 48 hours after the contest ends and voted by XR staff. Final entries must be submitted by midnight July 01, 2005.

Contest guidelines URL :

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