Engraving tutorial

@ 2005/06/18
If you are engraving plexi to use in a case mod project, it is common practice to use LEDs to add some light to your design, bringing it to life. A useful trick is to engrave to different depths to alter the brightest of the light: if you engrave three lines at different depths, the deepest will shine the brightest. Used appropriately, this technique will produce a feeling of depth and produce highlights to an engraving.

Think of your Dremel like you would a car: while it may be capable of high speeds, the higher the speed the more difficult it is to handle. Maximum control is had at lower speeds: the bit is less likely to skip acros the surface, and you will avoid melting the tyres acrylic/plexi you're working on.

Comment from FreeStyler @ 2005/06/19
same here.
You can use printouts or have an artist do the scetching for you.
I'm pretty good with a dremel, but I just can't draw.
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/18
For the artistically inclined only

Far too complicated for me.