Two Become One: DoubleSight’s Double 19” TFT Display

@ 2005/06/14
As far as the monitors themselves, things can get tricky because a dual monitor system works best when you have two of the same monitor- this way the displays will be able to line up with one another and windows that are dragged from one to another will not have to be changed in size. Even if you do have the same monitor there is a good chance that their wide bezel or ungainly base will not allow them to get as close to one another as you would like. One solution to this problem is to buy a LCD monitor arm, these are a great way to save desktop space and add lots of adjustability to your monitors. The downside is that these are generally quite expensive and require a lot of assembly. Not only does the monitor arm need to be put together but the monitor often has to be partially taken apart to be attached to the arm.

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