Battlefield 2 Performance

@ 2005/06/14
Athlon 64 3800+ and Sapphire Radeon X800XL 512mb

After a follow up, Battlefield: Vietnam, that left a community split in it's reaction to it developer Dice and EA are back with Battlefield 2, this time set in a modern setting of Iraq. This latest Battlefield also pushes things much further graphically than either Vietnam or Battlefield: 1942 and we have done testing use FRAPS to and new addition to the Battlefield series, the Battle Recorder. If the server allows it, this records the game and allows playback from any player in a third person camera mode or a roaming camera. Unfortunately this does not allow playback from the first-person perspective. Using a demo from our own Battlefield 2 server with 64 players we played back a file from the Gulf of Oman map using FRAPS to recreate results. As a warning, due to the lack of first-person playback in Battle Recorder the results are not likely to be 100% accurate to real gameplay performance as we couldn't move the camera in order to sure results could be recreated perfectly for our testing. That said it is still a test of the Battlefield 2 engine and the performance variances among video cards and at different settings.

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