NVIDIA G70 Launch and Shipping Dates Confirmed

@ 2005/06/13
NVIDIA and ATI’s upcoming products have been generating buzz for quite some time now. Before Computex, speculations said NVIDIA’s G70 and ATI’s R520 would be at display officially for the very first time. Though NVIDIA delivered, ATI pushed the official launch to a later date. NVIDIA’s G70 cards were on display at Computex from a few of its board partners, but NVIDIA did not mention (publicly) the official launch date or any information regarding the actual availability of the cards at the show.

As we had pointed out earlier, NVIDIA and ATI are both in favor of delivering the products right when they are launched, and from the recent news we received, it certainly appears that neither of the GPU makers are interested in repeating the same scenario again.

An industry insider revealed that Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA, will lift on G70 products on June 22nd, which means that numerous hardware publications online will publish their performance reports on NVIDIA’s next generation GPU on that day. Perhaps the most interesting news is that G70 cards will be in stock and ready to ship from various online vendors starting at 6:01a.m. on the very same day (users in countries with earlier time zones will be able to get the cards accordingly).

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Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/06/15
yes, but the ultra will work in sli, that x850xt won't work in crossfire
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/06/15
heh, here the x850XT turbo (near PE) from HIS goes for the same as the Glacier Ultra and it will drop as well

Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/06/14
Originally posted by Rutar
makes the lower cards cheaper
exactly my thoughts, come here 6800 ultra
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/06/13
makes the lower cards cheaper
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/06/13
The Geforce 7800 GTX with 256MB - for now - sporting with DVI and TV out will add $639 to your PC's price.