Ultra Product X-Connect 500 Watt PSU

@ 2005/06/13
Okay you have finally saved all your money from your paper route and you called Newegg last week and spent every penny to your name to buy your new system. After everything has been installed into the case you can almost image how fast this new system will be but what to do with all of these darn cables? Cables form drives, cables from the power supply and cable for everything else what is a person suppose to do. I think if you look hard enough you will find a formula somewhere that states the ugliness of the inside of the case is proportional to the size of window in the side panel squared by the amount of cold cathode light present inside the case.

Thankfully Ultra Products has come to our rescue with their new X-Connect power supply, it that makes cable management something not to be dreaded anymore. Thanks to use of modular power cable, your power supply can be configured to use only the power cable you need to power your parts in your computer. In addition, if you add or remove and item later it is as easy to plug in one more cable or remove so that your power supply is always configured to your specifications.

Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/15
I sense an unholly obscession with Piotke, hmmm.:rod:
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/15
my paint skills rule

"what's up with exeryone having Piotke on the avatar pic?"

because it's funney
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/15
Ok I've got to know.

what's up with exeryone having Piotke on the avatar pic?

Jmke, what on earth happened to your drawing skills, tsk, tsk, tsk. Have you fallen out with Piotke? Don't want to have him as your avatar anymore?
Comment from DUR0N @ 2005/06/15
It's could be a problem for everything attached directly to your PSU. If it is attached to your motherboard, the VRM will provide the correct voltage. Sure, it stresses the VRM more when the input voltage isn't 'normal', but it's designed to handle some load. 0,1v is peanuts.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/15
Originally posted by Faiakes
Jmke , new picture?
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Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/15
no, it's a 0.1 difference versus PSU with attached cables...
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/15
Emm... this is 0.4 difference, I talked about a 0.1 difference.

Jmke , new picture?
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/14
when your 5v rail is at 4.6v.. yes
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/14
So is 0.1 Volt such a big deal?
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/06/14
Anytime you add connection you are taking the chances with contact corrosion, arching, and increase resistance.

With people so much nitpicking (critical) into 0.1 volt drop in 12, 5 and 3.3 volt, it would be a good decision not getting into modular setup ..... well there ain't a big deal when you run 220 Volt.
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/14
I'm in favour of modular PSUs.

However, a response from PC Power & Cooling to PC Magazine, stated that they (PC Power) do not adopt the modular design because it reduces the quality of the curret provided.

Is that true? If yes to what an extent?