Logitech Formula GP Racing Wheel for the PC

@ 2005/06/08
The Formula GP is the entry-level racing wheel Logitech currently offers to the racing game community. The shape, design, and placement of the spokes convey a competition-feel as it closely resembles aftermarket racing wheels. On top of that, the bright yellow rubber-molded inserts make this wheel stand out from the rest, aesthetically. There are two small, but easy-to-find shifter paddles at the back of each horizontal spoke, while 4 small buttons mounted on the front of them allow programmability in your favorite games.

The pedal box features spring-loaded gas and brake pedals that are molded to look like real pedals, which are mounted on a weighted plastic base. It connects to the steering wheel unit via a 6’ RJ-11 telephone connector, and a 6’ USB cable goes from the steering unit to the PC.

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