ATI R520 scores 10K+ in 3Dmark05

@ 2005/06/06
We got some numbers from this card and it turns out that R520 scores more than 10000 in 3Dmark05. We still don't know its clock speeds but we know the score. For what we know Nvidia can not mach this with G70.

This is actually even better or equal to two 6800 Ultra cards in SLI

Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/06/07
i guess they do have some valuable sources, but not all though
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/07
7/10 they are right about these things though
Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/06/07
the inquirer always has great sources!

(yes, that was sarcasm inded )
Comment from 187(V)URD@ @ 2005/06/06
hence the email