Fanless PSU

@ 2003/02/20
is it me, or is this PSU bigger then his case ?

Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/05
try some benchmarks on the harddisk screwed to the case vs placed on molitan.
Comment from trodas @ 2003/09/05
ALMOST quiet you should say. Mine 431W Enermax tweaked this way run to noise operation after 2 months - replacing the back 80mm fan help - but now, 2 years later it seems the 120mm internal one need replacing too.
So far, inverting into fanless power supply is definitively a MUST for me. Actually, i tweaked one my old 200W PSU to work fanless too. Using a cooper heatpipe idea, i add the cooper plates as pipis to the two internal heatsinks, connecting them into the case of the powersupply and this into the main case well =:-)
Using a lot of ArcticSilver3 for every contacts and hooray - my server, a SiS603e mobo with CeleronII900Mhz and 1Gby ram + 80GBy Seagate IV Barracuda drive RUN almost silent.
Just replacing the damn intel stock cooler i used there (orginally come with 1,3Ghz Taualatin and run virtually silent at 5V, but... only virtually)...

...anyway, a good recommendation for everyone - do NOT screw the HDD to case. Just put it on bottom of case on 3-5cm of molitan or such very soft-noise absorbing material.
You never ever hear the drive again and according to my measurment, its only ONE celsius hoter that run into the bay. So, bay bay, using bay for HDD. It draw a lots of vibration and thus generating noise.

BTW, even better that Seagate are the new Maxtor drives with fluid bearing. Using 120G one with 8MB cache into the main computer and - i really CAN't hear it running, even when i disbaled, for performance reasons, AAM - so, seeking is mostly audiable, but porgrams starting 20-30% faster, so... at least i can finally hear that the drive working.
Frankly - i started missing this!
Comment from piotke @ 2003/02/21
with 2 fans @ 5 V you have also a silent PSU, better cooled
Comment from Tarsius @ 2003/02/21
I bought a second hand PC and I noticed there was a 300W fanless psu in it. Not with such big heatsinks, it looks just like a regular psu but makes no noise.
Comment from Roswell @ 2003/02/21
yeah, but i'm not that handy... and i'm not ready to die for a little silence
Comment from jmke @ 2003/02/20
Comment from Roswell @ 2003/02/20
i'm afraid the price is even bigger