Nvidia ships 100 million desktop chips a year

@ 2005/05/25
WE MANAGED to spend a minute with marchitectural brain of Nvidia Mr. David Kirk and he opened a new perspective on the graphics market.
In an informal chat, David said Nvidia had sold around 100 million GPUs in twelve months. He added that there was definitely more money to be made selling graphics chips to PC owners than in the console business.

Kirk says Nvidia will benefit from Sony pumping out the Playstation 3 but it will sell more desktop chips than Playstation 3 graphic parts.

He knows that Sony sold 80 million Playstation 2s world-wide but it took five years to achieve that goal. Nvidia sells far more GPUs than that and, on current performance, would easily notch up 500 million sales in that time.

Still, despite having an Xbox 360 as tough competitior, Sony will sell those Nvidia-powered consoles like hot cakes.

Consoles are great business since Wall Street watchers can understand it. Nvidia knows investors perceive that Sony and Microsoft would not do a business with some weak companies.

In the end it all comes to Stock market as that’s where the money is.

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