Intel Chipsets Excellent, Processors Poor

@ 2005/05/24
Intel has a long history of producing excellent chipsets. They are stable, offer excellent features and are more versatile than competing chipsets. In fact, Intel’s 915/925 chipsets would’ve followed the same pattern of excellence, but combined with immature technologies at the time, high performance to price ratio and sub-par performance of its Prescott microprocessors, the platform failed to deliver. Apparently, you can’t blame the chipsets for this; maybe they would’ve been just as competitive as their predecessors, 865/875, if the aforementioned technologies didn’t hold them back. Even after that, the 915/925 chipsets has exciting technologies integrated in them for the best possible feature set.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/05/24
I believe the motherboard makers lost every penny they earned plus more from 865/875 boards into toolings and the short run of the "excellent" 915/925 chipset boards.

While Intel has a lot of cash, its partners don't. The good news came from Nvidia partners lately in terms of sales and profit.