SilverStone TJ06 Case

@ 2005/05/21
The TJ06 is undoubtedly another champion case from SilverStone! Although it is not as perfect as the TJ03 nor TJ05, the TJ06 has its own advantages such as supporting up to five 5.25” drive bays, air guides, aluminum front panel and other neat features. On the installation part, the TJ06 is a very user friendly case and it find it amazingly easy to work with. This is because you only need to open the right side panel and the front panel to install everything whereas most cases needed a lot more effort to get things done. With the price at around USD135, it is quite pricey for a steel case but I believe that the price is worth if you look at the build quality and the features of the case. Anyway, if you find that its advantages appeals to you, then just go ahead and get this case. You won’t regret it since its a SilverStone!


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