XBOX 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo?

@ 2005/05/18
What console will you buy?
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/30
I'm using the version of end may (25/05) I think, what are the features of the "new visualisation"?
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/30
XBOX is the best buy I did in the past 9 months, I payed €180 with 4 games, 2 controllers and DVD remote. The xbox was altered to support extra functionality in the form of XBMC (Xbox Media Center) which allows you to play DVD/DIVX/XVID/WMV/AVI/RAM/MOV etc straight from a networked PC or the local hard drive.

The xbox has 5.1 Sound output + high quality image output, making it a better solution for watching movies on TV then the HTPC I was using. and best of all is that the XBOX cost only a fraction of the HTPC.. I could not get a decent videocard for the price of the xbox
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/30
Well, I won't buy an xBox anyway hahahahahahaa
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/30
there are no plans for Halo 2 on PC afaik
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/30
Originally posted by GIBSON
meh, i'd buy neither, i'd rather spend the money on some computer parts or a htpc
I'll have to agree with Gibson on that one.

Unless you need your PC to be exclusively involved in some other application, there is no reason to buy a console. Now with Dual Cores, even better!

Mind you, if there was any reason to buy a console, Halo 2, might do the trick for me. Please, someone tell me, is it ever going to come out for PC?
Comment from jmke @ 2005/06/12
the PS3 might prove harder to program for, but it has the technical edge. Xbox360 has very large online community service, which will boost sales a lot
Comment from Nessmaster @ 2005/05/31
Xbox 360 of course!!! I modded my last Xbox and it rocks!!!! Xbox 360 looks even simpler with the USB ports and removable HD. M$ is making this all too easy =P
Comment from jmke @ 2005/05/30
Originally posted by Da_BoKa
it looks like always "maanverbanden'
look closer, it IS
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2005/05/29
GTA - Tekken - Metal Gear - Gran Turismo.
PS of course.
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2005/05/24
it looks like always "maanverbanden'
Comment from jmke @ 2005/05/24
Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/05/22
meh, i'd buy neither, i'd rather spend the money on some computer parts or a htpc
Comment from Stone @ 2005/05/22
I have an XBOX and a PS2 in the house, and I go through stages of either... but I think in the long run, if I were to chose ONE of those offered in the poll... it would have to be the leader in CD gaming, or at least the ones that got the ball REALLY rolling...

Drum roll please...


Comment from jmke @ 2005/05/21
my XBOX is my HTPC; I use it for DVD,DIVX,Streaming Audio and sometimes.. games

Comment from kristos @ 2005/05/21
why choose?

honestly I don't know yet, I have a ps2 now but I don't use it, it's primary reason was to keep my brother from the pc :grin:

an xbox seems nice but then again so does a htpc (a lot more fuss with the htpc though if I have to go on my dads experience )
Comment from TaN00Ki @ 2005/05/20
Originally posted by koensa Nintendo : not much info leaked + not so powerfull specs [/b]
That's where u got it all wrong: there ARE info leaked, just u didn't see them, and Nintendo never was into the "most powerful" policy, and they are still in the run today
Comment from easypanic @ 2005/05/20
Indeed, too early to guess I think...