R.A.C.H.A.L exhaust system

@ 2003/02/16
Well it ain't really worth to be a "special" PC only product

you can get way better results by going to your local DIY-shop and installing a blowhole into your wall

(like the one used for some kitchens) and suck cool air INTO your PC case , @ winter it will make alot of difference!

or.. do like me, put your PC's in a non-used room & open the Window :grin:

current temps there:

Comment from jmke @ 2003/02/19
I have PC in my room , 1 in living room, rest is in one chilled room. I closed the window now. The room is NOT heated at all.

Temp was 4°C before, already at 19°C with only 1 AMD 900 running
Comment from Tarsius @ 2003/02/19
i thought about that to but then i have to walk around to change cd's.