Mod: Alien Queen Water Resevoir

@ 2005/05/03
A student contacted me a few months ago, asking for help on a mod she was building as part of a senior thesis--sorta. So being the nice guy I am I thought to help as her mentor in the program. She has done such a great job so far with her Alien Vs. Predator themed case mod, that I decided to help out and build her the "Stasis Chamber" water feature for the top of the custom built case

Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/05/04
damn that's a nice reservoir, the guy is an amazing artist, to sculpt that nice
Comment from kristos @ 2005/05/03
With a bit of Super Sculpey, a toothpick and small paintbrush I sculpted the alien queen to about the size of an oatmeal cookie.
Comment from jakkerd @ 2005/05/03
cool teacher
and mod offcourse
Comment from jmke @ 2005/05/03