Cooler Master CoolDrive Lite

@ 2005/05/03
When Cooler Master first introduced their CoolDrive, it was just that - a hard drive cooler. Over time, and starting with the CoolDrive 4, they added a bunch of great features to the product, like fan speed control and temperature monitoring. This was great, but there are still a lot of us that maybe don't need fan control or the like, or we already have one of the multifunction CoolDrives, but need to cool two or three hard drives. For us, that's meant that we've had to live with the CoolDrive 3, which is still great in terms of function, but is getting a little dated-looking when compared to, say, a CoolDrive 6. For those of us looking for an updated but plain CoolDrive, Cooler Master has released the newest product in their CoolDrive line, the CoolDrive Lite. It takes its design cues from the CoolDrive 6, but leaves out the extra goodies for those that don't need them.


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