Spire Verticool SPA49B0 Socket A Heatsink

@ 2005/05/03
The Spire Verticool SPA49B0 combines several technologies into one compact cooler that weighs in at just under 350grams. Its heatpipes draw heat away from the copper baseplate, which is further cooled by a brazed-on extruded aluminum heatsink. Noise levels are moderate-to-low for the Spire SPA49B0, but it lacks a thermally responsive fan. The package includes a small syringe of 'Fanner 420' white silicon thermal compound with a listed thermal conductivity of less than 2.062W/mK.

Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/05/03
and it still rocks
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/05/03
Still using the SLK800.