ABIT announces Silent OTES Technology

@ 2005/05/02
ABIT Engineering has done it again; but unlike the high performance coolers like OTESTM, OTES AeroFlowTM and Dual OTESTM before it, this one won't be making a sound.

Today ABIT is proud to announce its latest innovation, the Silent OTESTM (Silent Outside Thermal Exhaust System), a device specifically designed to silently cool the motherboard's North Bridge chipset.

Silent OTES uses ABIT-designed heatpipe technology to transfer unwanted heat from the North Bridge to the fins of the Collection Module. From there, heat is exhausted outside of the case by air flowing from the CPU fan. The result, a totally silent platform offering excellent cooling efficiency while utilizing the existing CPU fan, ultimately providing enhanced performance, stability and a quieter experience for the end user.

The cooling system is derived from the finest materials to ensure excellent cooling performance. The North Bridge comes in contact with a high-grade aluminum heatsink with an all-copper base, which is fastened securely with screws to ensure maximum contact for heat transfer. Pure red copper fins on the Collection Module are angled for optimum air flow, and utilizing existing airflow from the CPU fan, deliver excellent cooling with minimal noise thanks to their large surface area.
Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/05/06
will the hot air still cool enough? and this certainly won't work with a watercooled cpu