Microsoft pushes 512MB RAM, "modern CPU" for Longhorn

@ 2005/04/28
SOFTWARE FIRM Microsoft is already briefing PC manufacturers on how to make the best of the move from Windows XP to Windows Longhorn. And that concerns anyone thinking of buying a PC because you will need a machine that can run the thing.
According to a white paper Microsoft issued at WinHEC, PCs have to have "a modern CPU", 512MB of memory, and a "graphics component with a Longhorn display driver model (LDDM)".

It looks as though Microsoft wants the PC vendors to brand their machines, starting from the end of this year, with a Longhorn Ready PC logo, and the Vole is eager that people don't postpone buying a machine until the release of Longhorn. Microsoft states that "computer purchases in the near term will retain their value after the availability of Longhorn protecting investments".

And that will mean "consumers will have a smoother migration path to the Longhorn platform".

Microsoft claims in the document that "Longhorn will run fine" on 256MB systems but believes that "512MB or more of RAM provides really good multitasking performance".

And what is a "modern CPU"? The Vole says that the "majority of current CPUs will be fine and the new multicore CPUs promise better multitasking performance". So the guidance is somewhat scanty. Perhaps Microsoft should be being a little more specific. Now.

The message to PC vendors is that they have to join the OEM Connect programme.

There will also be a Longhorn Logo programme - this is in two tiers, "premium" and "standard". The latter will offer a minimum set of requirements. People that join the Premium Level Logo programme will get a "well funded marketing programme" to drive perceptions and "create consumer demand" for these kind of machines.

Yes, Microsoft thinks Longhorn is a cash cow. That's its steer, anyway. Longhorn will rely on the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Remember that?

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