A.C. Ryan Modding Products

@ 2005/04/26
The products we are looking at today are:

Connectx™ Kit Deluxe, UVRed – This kit includes all you need to mod all the connectors in your computer.
Conductx™ DIY Kit Chain-Your-Drive™, UVblue
FlexSleeve™ Kit UVblue – Sleeve up your cables.
MORF™ psu modding kit, UVBlue – Everything you need to mod all the cables from your PSU.
Roundcables ATA133 60cm UVSilver – Rounded ATA-cable with UV-Active particles.
Backy™ Combo, UVBlue – Need access to molex and fan power outside the case? Then backy is the thing for you.
SATA cable 50cm GREENEON – Tired of your boring SATA cable. Then this cool SATA cable is for you.

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