AMD’s Opteron, Athlon 64 X2 with Two Cores Unveiled

@ 2005/04/21
Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday officially announced its lineup of microprocessors that feature two processing cores allowing to simultaneously execute up to two threads. The company has the world’s only lineup of dual-core x86 chips, but systems based on them are only expected to be available in May and June.

As expected, dual-core AMD Opteron processors operate in the 1.80GHz – 2.20GHz range and contain up to 2MB of cache memory. AMD’s desktop-oriented Athlon 64 X2 central processing units (CPUs) operate at 2.20 – 2.40GHz and are equipped with 1MB – 2MB cache memory. The chips have special arbitration logic to balance the workflow called System Request Interface (SRI). Like all other 940-pin and 939-pin processors, the microprocessors sport dual-channel PC3200 memory controller.

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