Coolermaster AQUAGATE R120

@ 2005/04/20
It's been quite a while since we've reviewed a CPU cooling solution here at In fact, the last one we reviewed was the Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu in December of 2004, which proved to be a very good on the noise front, but had problems with the massive amount of heat generated by the Prescott 560. Continuing on with our love of quiet computing solutions, today in the review bin we have a very unique cooling solution -- the Coolermaster AQUAGATE R120, an all-in-one, integrated watercooling solution. This is unlike any product we've ever seen before, and while the AQUAGATE is a watercooling system, it lacks the complexity that is usually associated with watercooled products. Both the pump and the waterblock are integrated into one unit, which is then connected with two hoses to a radiator/fan unit. It even comes pre-filled, with a claimed two-year maintenence-free period. It's a very elegant-looking solution.

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