Bug Hunt on the 6xxx Series Nvidia Cards... Nasty Bug for some discovered

@ 2005/04/19
Well, as the topic says... We went out to review the 6xxx series cards from Nvidia but were greeted with a couple nasty bugs that could affect a great deal of users who ever decide to move into the HTPC arena and connect their HTPC to a HDTV. Really a much needed read for anyone thinking of using some of these newer cards to possibly connect their HTPC to their HDTV.


Chaintech 6600GT and 6800 Video Cards Review and Bug Hunt

"For those who intended to use a 6800 series card in their HTPC may have found a ugliness that can not be denied. The bug occurs when trying to use a interlaced resolution out to your display via VGA or VGA to component (using a transcoder) and loading a Direct3D game or 3D accelerated GUI (such as Media Center Edition 2005). "

The problems don't end there however, another nasty interlace resolution issue comes up while gaming... resulting in a good sized performance hit. Read the story to find out if you are one of the possible people who will be affected.

Comment from xpr-k @ 2005/04/19
Comment from xpr-k @ 2005/04/19
Do i understand this article correct when i assume they mean the bug accurs when connecting a TV screen to the card's VGA or VGAtoDVI connection ?