Asus K8N Motherboard

@ 2005/04/18
After taking a look at VIA’s K8T800 chipset last week and NVIDIA’s nForce3-150 chipset internally in our labs, it’s clear that both chipsets failed to offer AGP/PCI lock and lacked features that would impress the high-end home user. There were instances where certain manufacturers were able to implement AGP/PCI lock on certain motherboards, namely Abit, but majority of them did not bother to do so. The problem was a tough one to crack, since the chipset never had support for the aforementioned feature initially. NVIDIA’s nForce-150, on the other hand, supported an AGP/PCI lock, but due to manufacturer’s mistake, it wasn’t implemented on many boards either. According to NVIDIA, many board makers wrote the BIOS incorrectly, which disabled the feature. Whatever the reason may be the initial socket 754 chipsets weren’t for the high-end overclocker.

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