Samsung SyncMaster 915N

@ 2005/04/15
I have looked at many Samsung monitors over the last year and a half and they all have performed well for what they where designed for. The one thing they all lacked was a <25ms response time that a more than casual gamer wants. Don’t get me wrong the monitors did play games well but you still had that ghosting effect that looked like motion blur when playing a fast first person shooter. 16ms or less is what you are looking for in a LCD monitor to play games.

Samsung steps up to the gaming plate with 915N for the gamer that wants to have a larger screen. This monitor is rated at 8ms response time! They also now make smaller monitors that also have 12ms response time. The only problem I have seen with this product line is so far they are VGA interface only and do not support DVI. On the other hand leaving DVI out does let Samsung sell this monitor at a less expensive price. This monitor can be found under 400.00 dollars from many online retailers.

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