Sempron 3300+ Paris Core Test

@ 2005/04/15
Back in June of 2004 AMD announced the Sempron line of budget CPUs meant to replace the Duron. When launched the high end model was the Sempron 3100+ running at 1.8GHz with a 256MB L2 cache and using the Socket 754 interface. Other lower models starting at 2800+ ratings were Socket A versions. Well since then the release lower speed grades had been filled in for the Socket 754 version, but the basic core remained the same. 130nm tech with 64 bit disabled. Well today AMD launches the Sempron 3300+ running at 2GHz using the Paris core with SSE3 support and better memory compatibility. The kicker is that it has a 128kb L2 cache, but power consumption stays the same at 62 watts. Here is what AMD says in regards to the memory support.

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