Lian-Li creates PC into Desk "case" F1/F1 B

@ 2005/04/14
* wire collection box on desk makes all cables invisible.
* Leather plate on desk offers a comfortable working spa
* Cup mat , business card holder , note box , paper drawers enable user to collect everything in location for a convenient working environment. (Economic desk hasn't the note box)
* Place to store your keyboard.
* Front bezel design available for placing speaker or other computer accessories.
* Adjustable feet enables desk to be placed at uneven ground (1 inch adjustable).
* Side desk can be used as a simple meeting place. Quite Space-efficient and high working efficiency. Also a drawer for documents storage.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/04/14
for €5000 you can get a quite good looking wooden desk
Comment from xpr-k @ 2005/04/14
all that for only 5000 euro!!!!!!!!!!! mmm wait.... :< :< :< :<