Xbox 2 to debute May 12th on MTV

@ 2005/04/11
Microsoft's Xbox 2 gaming console is set to debut May 12th on a 30-minute MTV special. Microsoft spent $14 million on media to launch the original Xbox, so it's anyone's guess what they'll be forking over this time:

The MTV special, hosted by actor Elijah Wood on May 12, will feature a performance by rock band the Killers. Athletes and celebs will show off the console's new features. MTV will air teaser spots prior to the event and screening parties will be held in countries in which MTV airs.

Comment from Stone @ 2005/04/12
I just read that there will be THREE versions of the "XBox Next" released. The first is the XBox Next, with NO HD... ok, let's copy Sony... anyhow, they will also be releasing one called XBox Next HD, that one WILL have a HD, then next year, they will release the XBox Next PC, with, yes, you guessed it, Windows OS, HD, CD burner, etc.

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