How much does an Nvidia card cost to produce?

@ 2005/04/11
WE HAVE SEEN AN INTERESTING document containing prices of some older Nvidia cards, component by component - the so-called bill of materials (BOM). It was interesting to see how much Nvidia had to spend in order to make one of its cards.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/04/11
they set us up the BOM

so far for my contribution to the subject
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/04/11
BOM contains part of the materials used.

There are other materials cost not factored in ..... commonly in electronics industry materials considered as "floor inventory" are -

1) Solder used in wave soldering machines.
2) Yield factor in varies stage of assembly.
3) Actual usage versus BOM ...... plus a few more.

While Standard Cost would include -

1) BOM
2) Factory Overhead absorption (include in-direct labor, facility expenses)
3) Director Labor

It's nice to know the BOM structure, but it is not the only cost of a product.