Valve Half Life 2 plot thickens: Expansion pack Details

@ 2005/04/11
NEW DETAILS have emerged about Valve's plans for the continuance of the Half-Life 2 plot saga.
Those who have completed the game will know that it's left wide open for a follow-up expansion pack. PC Gamer magazine, an offline publication, reports that the pack will be titled 'Aftermath' and is scheduled for the summer.

Many thought that the player would assume the role of Alyx Vance for the follow-up, but it seems that she will instead play a much greater role in your adventures, but alongside the player character, who may or may not be Gordon. The game is set, perhaps unsurprisingly, a little after the events of the first, as the player gets to grips with the consequences of events that were set rolling.

PC Gamer also has information about 'The Lost Coast', the fabled high-end graphics level. According to Valve, the level will require 1GB RAM, a 3.2GHz processor and a top-end graphics card. One of the new features will be support for High Dynamic Range lighting. Interestingly, ATI - big-money sponsors of Half-Life 2 - don't support the industry standard for HDR lighting, which is OpenEXR. It will be intriguing to see whether Valve go with the industry standard, or ATI's kooky version.

PC Gamer is on the shelves now in the UK. Look for more information to be springing up online over the coming weeks. ยต

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