Intel scrambles to catch up with AMD

@ 2005/04/11
A REPORT claimed Intel will bring forward the release of its Prescott based dual core chips to this month, rather than next - as had been expected.
That follows information leaked earlier that AMD will introduce a number of its dual core Opterons at an event in New York later this month.

According to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, Intel will try and beat AMD by introducing a gaming processor and a 955X chipset in the middle of April. As we reported last month, Intel is pitching its Extreme Edition version of its dual core processor at the high end gaming market.

Other Intel dual core chips are still likely to be released in May, thinks Digitimes.

If the report is true, it can only be a marketing move. Intel's Extreme Edition chip costs $1,000 when you trays of them in quantities of 1,000. Its Smithfield chips will be priced low. But AMD is releasing Opteron server chips, and Intel won't be able to match these types of processors until later.

One source close to AMD's plans told the INQUIRER today that when the Opteron 275 is launched, we can expect to see a dual Opteron dual core system with an Nforce chipset, a high end board, and all sorts of storage options meaning what is essentially a four CPU workstation with everything else will cost around $6,000.

It looks like there's a major Tweedledee and Tweedledum moment coming again. ยต

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