Corsair XMS Xpert 1GB PC3200 (TWINXP1024-3200XL)

@ 2005/04/11
Thanks to Samsung's TCCD memory chips, there are many companies offering high-performance, low latency memory modules. This means that these companies have to differentiate their 'ultra low latency' products in other ways, such as improved heat spreaders, appearance and price. Heat spreaders and appearance usually go hand-in-hand, since a heat spreader covers most of the module. Many of these competing companies offer shiny, gold or platinum heat spreaders that look pretty cool and add some 'bling' to a case with a side window. Then there's Corsair, a company that seems to like to redefine what can be put on a heat spreader. With the XMS PRO series, Corsair engineers added activity LEDs to extra large heat spreaders and slapped them on their high-performance RAM. These are great for anyone who wants high-performance memory that also offers a unique look to a windowed case.

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