Swiftech MCRES-1000: pump & reservoir in one

@ 2005/04/11
The patent pending MCRES-1000 assembly is a combination reservoir and 5 1/4" CD Rom drive bay rack designed specifically for Swiftech's Award Winning MCP350 pump. Its primary purpose is to reduce the space needed to install the liquid cooling circuit by combining two components: the reservoir and the pump into a single 5 1/4" drive bay. The product is sold as a do-it-yourself kit (without pump) for upgrade purposes under part number MCRES-1000, or as a complete assembly including the MCP350 pump under part number MCRES-1000P. " In the High Performance/Low Noise Liquid Cooling market, the modularity of the MCRES-1000 assembly provides DIY enthusiasts with unparalleled convenience. This is as close as it gets to an all-in-one solution", said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's Chairman and CTA.

MCRES-1000 kit: $19.95
MCRES-1000P pump asembly: $99.95

Product Line Revision:

Revision 3a of the Award Winning H20-120™ liquid cooling system takes the kits' convenience features to the next level, with the inclusion of the Patent Pending MCRES-1000 assembly: the pump and reservoir are now fully integrated in a 5 1/4" CDRom tray. This further reduces the number of connections, simplifies installation, and saves valuable space. "The H20-120 series is the first to receive the MCRES-1000 upgrade, and will soon be followed by the rest of our product lines", said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's Chariman and CTA


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