Upgrading to dual core Opterons is low cost affair

@ 2005/04/11
HOW MUCH DOES IT TAKE to update a modern Opteron system to a dual core machine? A BIOS update. What does that BIOS update do? On modern HP servers, not much, as you can see from the following list.ยต
New features and fixes:

* Corrected the Bank Interleave setup item issue
* Added Beep code for non-memory system errors
* Updated CPU module for Dual Core CPU support
* Update NB and CPU module for dual-core CPU support
* (BIOS fail to support dual-core CPU)
* Fixed a RedHat Linux problem with HPTimer
* Added a Floppy drive B setup option
* Updated NB module from 09_CR2 to 10_beta
* Updated SiL3114 Option ROM to v5.048
* Added D0 and E0 CPU stepping support
* Fixed an issue when using 8 x DDR400 modules with
* D0 stepping CPUs
* Corrected Voltage display info in HW monitor page
* Add PXE Endless Boot support
* Updated HT Config module from HTC_RC00 to
* HTC.1.00

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