Samsung slashes 512MB DDR2-533 module quotes 20%

@ 2005/04/07
Samsung has lowered quotes for its 512MB DDR2-533 modules by as much as 20%, hoping to spur PC OEMs to accelerate migration to the memory type from 512MB DDR2-400, according to IC distributors.

Samsung’s quotes for 512MB DDR2-533 modules (comprised of eight 512Mbit chips) now range from US$52-53 (equivalent to US$6.63-6.50 per chip), down from last month’s US$64-65 to within a 5% difference of the prices for 512MB DDR2-400 modules, the IC distributors said.

Samsung confirmed that they have lowered the prices as reported.

However, the speed of the migration will also depend on whether there is sufficient supply of Intel chipsets and CPUs supporting the DDR2-533 memory, some PC OEMs said.

Prices in the spot market remain at US$8 for each 512Mbit DDR2-533 chip, unaffected by Samsung’s cut in contract prices for PC OEMs, the distributors said.

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