Athlon 64 World Record Overclock @

@ 2005/04/07
Making everyone else look very silly indeed, Ricky and Pedro over at have broken the Athlon 64 world record overclock with a 4GHz, stable-enough-to-screenshot-and-validate, run with Athlon FX-55. Using custom cascade phase-change cooling and DFI's rather good LanPartyUT nF4 board, 14 x 286 did the trick


The whole story:
Comment from kristos @ 2005/04/07
damn, I thought we were ~150MHz short of a WR but this sets the bar a whole lot higher

amazing clocks
Comment from Stone @ 2005/04/07
... just ...

Wow just doesn't cover it. As someone that sweated getting to 2.3gig on my Socket 754 3000+, I can just imagine the headaches THEY had...
Comment from 187(V)URD@ @ 2005/04/07
omfg nice