Nikao ALIEN P4-520W & ICE P4-450W Power Supply

@ 2005/04/06
The Nikao ALIEN P4-520W & ICE P4-450W is equipped with the standard ATX
motherboard configuration and is both AMD and P4 certified. The overall
cable layout includes a 20 to 24-pin ATX connector, P4 12v connector,
6-pin AUX P4 connector, 8 x 4-pin Molex connectors, 2 x SATA connectors
and 2 x floppy connectors. The 24-pin ATX connectors can be converted for
20-pin ATX motherboard use by detaching two snap-on clips. All of the
4-pin connectors conveniently come with flexible "EZ Grip" Female Molex
connectors. One of the unique aspects of the Nikao ALIEN P4-520W & ICE
P4-450W is that all the Molex branded cables are professionally sleeved in
matching black and white mesh as well as heat shrink wrap. This is
excellent enhancement to this product since it minimizes cable clutter and
management inside a case interior.

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