AMD Sempron 3300+ launch looks imminent

@ 2005/04/06
WE REPORTED back in January that AMD had plans to launch a 3300+ Sempron for the socket 754 platform, which would supersede the current 3100+ flagship. We said then that its probable launch would be in the previous quarter but that didn't happen.
We also said that some motherboard manufacturers had released BIOS updates to support this anticipated device.

Well, AMD's own Web site now shows four AMD approved motherboards which support the 3300+ Sempron - two from Winfast and one each from Albatron and Leadtek.

It also has a page which shows 3300+ Sempron thermal solution support from Akasa, Foxconn, and Spire.

Those in the market for a 3300+ Sempron can now see the AMD approved kit before the official processor launch.

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