Windows XP 64 bit - First Look

@ 2005/04/06
Well, I had the pleasure this weekend of getting a copy of Windows XP 64 bit and giving it a run. For those of you who do not know, MS has taken WinXP Pro to the next level releasing Windows XP 64 bit last week. In this article, I'm going to take a first look at what it brings to the table and what you can expect to see once you get your hands on a copy.

Comment from kristos @ 2005/04/07
how is driver support?

I know ati has 64 bit drivers and nvidia probably has some too but I don't see much from the motherboard manufacturere's side...
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/04/06
So, don't buy any USB peripheries and software until you know for sure they are 64-bit ready.

I still have a flat bed scanner used for 6 months and doesn't have WinXP driver support.