Gigabyte GV-NX66T128VP 6600GT Turbo Force

@ 2005/04/06

The first thing one notices about the GV-NX66T128P is the heatpipe Gigabyte have attached to their design. The card seems to be the exact same setup as their GV-NX66T128D 6600 video card but rather than featuring a heatsink and fan cooling solution, the 128P uses a heatpipe instead, which adds to the width and height of the card overall but barely. Attached to both sides is a large gold heatsink covering the blue PCB and a broze leaf-shaped cover on the front with the Gigabyte logo on it. But how does it cool? That depends, on a system good cooling there shouldn't be any problems but if you're already running a little hot you may want to watch out as the card heatsinks will heat up. The benefit though is that the cooling is of course completely silent with no fans on the unit, a definite plus for some although the most fans used today on cards don't have too much of a problem with noise but for those who want it deadly silent, it is a great way to go.

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