Sharkoon Silvation Case

@ 2005/04/05
"Cases, cases and more cases are released out o*n the market monthly. Every color and shape for every given taste at your disposal. But most of them are still the same case inside, nothing innovative and with very little difference. There is o*ne company that released a single case which is trying to make a distinction from the rest while not being very expensive or drastically different o*n the outside. Sharkoon is the company and the Silvation Basic is the case. From the outside, it just looks like an ordinary, large, nicely built steel case with elegant looks. But the whole fuss about this case is the interior. Let us open the shipping box and see what is inside."

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Comment from jmke @ 2005/04/06
and TJ06 looks like Lian-Li; and so on

this one has some nice additions, the optional front LCD with temp probes and fan control is one of them

saw it @ cebit
Comment from JNav89GT @ 2005/04/06
looks like siverstone tj06 on inside :O