AeroCool Gatewatch and HardDock Review

@ 2005/04/03
"The market is overcrowded with fan controllers, LCD panels and other such nifty devices seeking to fill up the 5.25” bays of your case. There are literally hundreds of various devices, simple and complex, cheap and expensive presently in the market. But how many times do you see something really innovative? Something more than a nice looking LCD panel with minimal customizable features or a simple analog fan controller? AeroCool offers a product that claims to do more than a simple fan controller and looks great, the Gatewatch fan controller. AeroCool is a relatively new company in the computer industry, established during 2002 in the USA. They have their own R&D and manufacturing ability, so they are able to grow quickly. Today, the GateWatch from AeroCool along with the optional HardDock accessory will be evaluated."

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