Really Cool and Quiet Power Supplies?

@ 2005/04/02
In an era when CPUs routinely consume 100 watts by themselves, PCs impose growing demands on power supplies. The watts graphics cards require don't lag much behind CPUs, while bleeding edge, dual graphics card SLI configurations need even more power, of course. Intel and AMD's introductions of dual-core processors underscore how PCs demands for juice will only grow.

This all means that power supplies will have to output more power, which will in turn will generate more heat and require often noisier fan power to keep everything cool and stable.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/04/03
I used the Silverstone Passive PSU in heavy gaming rig without issue...
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/04/03
Many users wish for a completely silent, passively cooled power supply. But only those devices with lower maximum output can do the job without some active cooling. Problems become manifest when higher outputs are needed for a long time: none of the fanless power supplies could run more than an hour at maximum power ratings of over 300 watts. In that sense, the Antec Phantom 350, the Silverstone SST-ST30NF, and even the Yesico FL-420TX all fail to deliver. But in reckoning the usability of these devices, note further that in more normal modes of operating - such as running typical office applications, or surfing the Web - these units remain stable (and quiet) for days on end. But those users who want to play high-end 3-D games or who encode video data for hours on end will not be happy when their machines shut down after an hour or so of full-tilt use. In those situations, this kind of power supply just won't cut it.
They all failed in heavy use - no comparison required
Comment from jmke @ 2005/04/02
no noise comparison or have I overlooked that?