PSP hacks roundup

@ 2005/04/01
Damn, it’s only been a week since the Sony dropped the PlayStation Portable on us and people already pieced together a ton of different hacks and how-tos for the new game console. We’ve thrown together this list of all the hacks and how-tos we could find, we’ve probably missed a couple, so let us know and we’ll add ‘em to the list:

Read - PSP Vault - How to use non-Duo Memory Sticks on your PSP
Read - - How to browse the web with your PSP
Read - zatznotfunny - How to get TiVoToGo shows onto your PSP
Read - Game Fries - How to get e-books on your PSP
Read - 8Bit Joystick - How to read web comics on your PSP
Read - 1UP - How to get manga on your PSP
Read - - Creating Sony Thumbnail files
Read - IGN - PSP dead pixel checker
Read - Xlink Kai - How to use your Mac to play PSP games over the web
Read - InformIT - How to take apart your PSP
Read - Engadget - Reading RSS feeds on your PSP
Read - Engadget - How to get videos and DVDs onto your PSP

Comment from jmke @ 2005/04/03
thanks for the link, looks might interesting!
Comment from alias420 @ 2005/04/03
psp hacks has some good articles too is their address they have a blog entry about wardriving with the psp.