ATI X800 Pro Ultra 2X Dual GPU Graphics Card Review

@ 2005/04/01
Excited over NVIDIA's dual GPU card? Worried about ATI's survival already? Well, don't worry! ATI has not just one, but TWO aces up their sleeves! Codenamed Sugar Ray and Rocky, ATI's double punch strategy is targeted squarely at NVIDIA. Will they knock NVIDIA off? Let's find out

Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/04/01
april fool's crap.

I want real benchmarks of real cards to look like these.
Comment from jort @ 2005/04/01
And we have our first 1APRIL joke.

Look to the pro and con's

and they used way to mutch smilies
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/04/01
is this a joke?
sure it is