Albatron PX925XE Pro-R Motherboard @

@ 2005/03/28
At the tip of the current chipset ice berg is the Intel 925XE, and motherboards like the Albatron PX925XE Pro-R which are built upon its foundations. The 925XE chipset is a fickle one, supporting only Socket 775 Pentium 4 processors compatible with an 800 MHz or 1066 MHz FSB. Its four dual channel DDR-2 memory sockets will accommodate up to 4GB of non-ECC unbuffered DDR2 memory. Considering that the 925XE is ideally suited for use with '1066FSB' Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPUs, as a killer gaming rig, we'd recommend using at least 2GB of system memory for the best benefit.

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