Seasonic S12 430W PSU

@ 2005/03/26
From a design standpoint, the main box does pretty much everything right: there's a 120mm slow spinning, low noise intake fan, meaning good airflow (and cooling) while being almost silent. As mentioned earlier it's also load controlled (rather than temperature controlled), but the speed increase is exponential rather than linear. That is, it spins at the same rate in a certain load range (up to 40% according to their diagram) before spinning up to its maximum speed at 100% load. According to Seasonic it can also adapt to ambient temperature, so the higher the ambient temperature the faster it'll spin at full load (though it still spins at the same rate up to 40% load regardless of ambient). There are a few ventilation holes in the front and right side, but most of the airflow goes from the fan and out the back. The rear uses a honeycomb mesh, the most air-efficient design possible (circular and grid meshes are both structurally weaker and don't let as much air through). Here you'll also find the AC plug and a power switch. No voltage selector is present and none is needed because the active PFC takes care of that.

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