Tek-Chain TC-12CAS-BL120mm adjustable LED fan

@ 2005/03/26
Tek-Chain (manufactured by Coolergiant) came up with a 120mm fan that can tickle anyone’s fancy. It boasts a maximum of 66 CFM at a very reasonable 33 dBA. Did I mention that it’s adjustable down to 19.2 dBA by way of the included speed controller? That’s lower dBA output then the ticking of an average watch. For those looking for a nice lighting solution, the Tek-Chain has 4 blue LEDs that, believe it or not, can be turned OFF!!! Now that I have your attention, lets take a closer look at the Tek-Chain 120mm adjustable LED fan.

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Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/03/26
0 cfm is also complete silence, it does not cool however
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/26
I'm speechless = complete silence .