Aopen intros Pentium M board with PCIe LAN, PCIe graphics

@ 2005/03/25
BOARD MAKER Aopen said today it has released another desktop motherboard with support for the fab Pentium M chip. This one, the i915GMm-HFS, comes with the 915GM chipset.
The board can cope with both 400 and 533MHz front side buses, with the pwoer consumption one quarter of the LGA775 Pentium 4, said Aopen. It supports DDRII-533 dual channel as well as DDR 333, and also comes bundled with S-ATA I and II, dual Marvell Gigabit PCI Express LAN design and support for PCI Express for graphics too.

Other features include built in DVI, support for HDTV, and S-Video. It also includes S/PDIF IN/OUT and High Definition "Azalia" Audio 7.1 surround sound.

It has eight USB 2.0, two Firewire connectors, and comes in the micro ATX format. Sounds like a good little number to me. Don't have details of price or availability yet. Looks like the crusade is nearly at an end.

Comment from Ermizhad @ 2005/03/28
Definately keep us updated, I would like to see where this goes.
Comment from kristos @ 2005/03/26
by the looks of it, they still left out the P4 heatsink mounting bracket... darn shame...